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AUROW POWER SYSTEMS is an electrical term used to rate the degree of the synchronization of power supply current with the power supply voltage. This term is often misunderstood By ourselves or simply ignored.

It is important that we clearly understand the meaning of "POWER FACTOR" and its effects in the electrical supply systems are given below :
  • A low power factor can increase the cost of power to the user

  • A low power factor can increase the cost of power transmission equipment to the user

  • A customer may request assistance in selecting equipment to correct the low power factor

  • Over correction of power factor by the addition of capacitance is sometimes dangerous to motors and the driven equipment Penalty and excess demand charges due to low power factor
Salient Features
  • Adjustment to any step capacitor value
  • Micro controller based technology, digital computation of various parameters
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of parameters like line voltage, current, active reactive and apparent powers energies and the capacitor current.
  • Facility to store data at predefined intervals of time for periods extending to months
  • Infrared communication port for transfer of data conforming to IIEC 1107
  • Scrolling data display on a dot matrix LCD
  • Production of capacitors against damage due to high voltage, low voltage, current imbalance etc.
  • No volt release feature to disconnect all capacitor in the event of power failure
  • Plug in terminal connection
  • Dynamic control of reactive power and power factor
  • Reduction in cable losses
  • Reduction of VA burden
  • Increase in efficiency of the electrical power system
  • Avail incentives by maintaining higher power factor
  • Optimize the capacity by reducing the maximum demand(KVA)
  • Fully automatic no manual interventions
  • Avoid penalty for low power factor
  • Avoid excess demand charges
  • Improvement in line voltage
  • Reduced current consumption charges
  • Avail 100% depreciation
  • Reduced current losses & cable over heat
  • Enhanced life for all electrical circuits
Technical Data

Size of the capacitor : up to 450 KVAR
Number of steps : 4/6/8/12/14
Number operating voltage : 415(+15%/-30%)
Maximum load current : 2000 amps
Frequency : 50Hz
High voltage cutoff : +10% of nominal voltage
Low voltage cutoff : -20% of nominal voltage
Capacitor overload cutoff : +30% nominal current
Capacitor current imbalance : 30% of between any two capacitor current
Switching time between steps : 5-1200 sec
Switching off time in case of fault : 3sec

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