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Servo Stabilizers


The Aurow servo controlled stabilizer range is ensured to offset the problems of voltage fluctuations and to provide trouble free performance. The Aurow servo stabilizer is used for wide applications in several field such as computers, CNC machines, Telecommunication, Medical instruments, Research & laboratory equipments, Radio & Radar transmitters, Xerox, Fax, EPABX Machines, Printing Machines, Lifts and etc. The Aurow servo stabilizer is packed with excellent after sales service.

Salient Features
  • Faster correction rate

  • No over shoot/hunting

  • AC synchronous motor for long and rugged life

  • Zero wave form distortion

  • Built in cut-off indicators for High & low voltage

  • Electronic time delay for cutoff & restart
Optional Advantages

  • Digital volt meter

  • Frequency meter

  • By pass switch

  • Single phase preventor for 3 phase model

  • Ammeter with or with out selector switch

  • Spike surge & RF Supressor

  • Built in step down & isolation transformers
Aurow Specifications

Single Phase Three Phase
Capacity 1KVA to 25 KVA 1.5 KVA to 100 KVA
Input Voltage Range 170V 270V
140V 270V (Optional)
100V 270V (Optional)
295V 465V
245V 465V (Optional)
175V 465V (Optional)
Output Voltage 230V ± 1% 400V ± 1%
Output adjustable 210V 240V 390V 420V
Efficiency 99% 99%
Correction speed 35V per second 60V per second

Nature of Cooling in Use : Air / Forced / Oil
Controls : Auto / manual mode, Increase / decrease mode, I/p & O/P voltage selector and output voltage adjustment
Indications : Output on. Input on, Input Low, Input high

Note : In Aurow 3phase stabilizer all phases are independent correction and it can be used for both balanced and unbalanced load


The Aurow automatic stabilizer is used for several applications. Ex. Air Conditioner, fridge, TV, Audio Systems, motor, Total house, building, shops & offices.

Salient Features
  • High & Low Voltage Cut-off

  • Time delay

  • Fuse protection

  • Input & Output Voltage selector with meter

  • Rugged and Customised Design

Capacity 0.5 KVA to 20KVA 3KVA to 60KVA
Input Voltage Range
140V-270V (Optional) 245V-465V (Optinal)
100V-260V (Optional)
Output regulation 220V +/- 10% 380V +/- 10%

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